6 Inch Mobile Phones Cost

Almost all modern mobile phones come equipped with large screens. 6 inches and above, in particular. Phones with 6-inch screen size hit the sweet spot because such phones are neither too big to make the phone unwieldy nor too small to ruin content consumption experience. If you’re looking for a phone with screen size that’s somewhere around 6 inches diagonally, choose a phone that has an AMOLED screen with Full HD or QHD panel. If not, IPS LCD screen equipped phones can be a decent choice as well, at least in entry-level and mid-range price segments. Modern phones which have thin bezels can accommodate 6-inch screens in bodies similar to older phones with 5.5-inch screens and large bezels.
  • 6 Inch Mobiles Price List 2019 (Showing 271-270 Models of 217 with Pictures)